Shilat Ron z"l
Shilat Ron z"lצילום: באדיבות המשפחה

Itzik Ron, husband of Shilat Ron, who died yesterday (Monday) at Beilinson Hospital while giving birth, said the family was in shock and grieving. "A horrendous tragedy. Shilat was a woman of valor and a model mother, a happy and fulfilled woman."

"She left us speechless, coming to terms with a tremendous disaster, and I want to emphasize that I thank Hashem for letting me know Shilat.She left a daughter and a newborn baby boy in her death, and I ask the people of Israel to pray for his health and well-being."

Shilat died at the Beilinson Medical Center in Petah Tikva yesterday after arriving at the hospital during the 41st week of her pregnancy. During labor she felt ill and began to twitch, and signs indicated an amniotic embolism, but despite all the medical staff's efforts to save her, they were forced to declare Shilat's death. The baby was rescued and transferred to the ICU at Schneider Hospital in critical condition.

From Beilinson Hospital: "The hospital grieves with the family. The mother's family nobly agreed to donate her corneas. Amniotic embolism is a rare occurrence that can not be foreseen and involves high mortality rates."