One of the soldier's faces
One of the soldier's facesCarmela Menashe's Twitter account

Two soldiers on vacation and another man were attacked on Friday night in a public park in Pardes Hannah by a group of young people who awkwardly mistook them for Arabs, a network reporter in Carmela Menashe reported.

According to the soldiers, the young men who attacked them shouted at them "you are Arabs" and beat them with a length of hookah piping.

The soldiers were lightly injured and treated at Hillel Yaffe Hospital. A complaint was filed in the Rosh Ha'ayin police station and was transferred for follow-up to the Hadera station.

The father summoned the police from the hospital."Soldiers go on holiday and are attacked by criminals only because they look like Arabs to them," said the father."They lynched them, it could have ended in death.

"They attacked them with a pipe from a hookah and other blunt objects. How low can we fall? There are two soldiers who were physically and mentally harmed. And if they were Arabs, then we have to hurt them? We are shocked and call for them to be dealt with."