Environmental Protection Ministry Director General Yisrael Danziger, together with Environmental Protection Ministry Staff Head Roni Tsubari and Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan on Wednesday night arrived for a surprise visit at a pirate landfill near the Samarian town of Tzofim.

During their visit, the three decided to advance a joint project to help fight the damage the unregulated landfill causes to the environment and the region's residents.

They also saw how garbage contractors set illegal garbage accumulations on fire. These fires, which often incinerate old electronics parts and other plastics, cause severe pollution and comprise a health hazard to everyone living in the area. Most of the trash which arrives at the landfill is from the eastern Sharon region, and is dumped in Samaria without permission or regulation.

"We discovered horrific pollution to the environment, and we need to do something again," Danzinger said. "We will work to garner support from the Defense Ministry, who will help us stop the illegal dumping and the burning of electronic and agricultural waste. These fires cause immense air pollution.

"This landfill has become like the Sharon's 'wild west' and causes severe air and water pollution, as well as a vile stench. Together with the Environmental Protection Ministry, we will work determinedly to deal with the issue," Dagan said.

"I am sure that if we all work together to fight the environmental criminals, we will succeed in bringing about the desired change. Samaria's residents deserve environmental quality, just like every other citizen of Israel."