Stabbing knife attack
Stabbing knife attackiStock

After Omri Dahan was murdered in a parking dispute on Sunday, Jews in his home town of Crown Heights, New York, began raising money for the bereaved family.

Omri Dahan, a 23-year-old IDF veteran, was killed and his brother, 29-year-old Ayal Dahan wounded when a Haitian immigrant who had double-parked stabbed the two after they asked him to move his car.

Mike, who is both a relative and neighbor of the Dahans, said, "My father tried to save Omri, he tried to stop the blood flow from his heart, and wake him up. Omri's mother also tried to help him."

Eight years ago, Omri's father and older brother were killed in a sewer tragedy. The brother, 23-year-old Harel, fell into an 18-foot cesspool at the sewage plant where the two were working. The father, 49-year-old Shlomo, jumped into the cesspool in a desperate attempt to save his son.

Both of them perished, along with a third man, Rene Francisco Rivas, who attempted to save the elder Dahan.

The fundraiser, which aims to reach $100,000, has received $50,000 in less than one day.

"Eight years ago, a family of six diminished to a family of four," the campaign's page explained. "With the head of the household gone, they were left with grave financial stress."

"8 years later, the youngest son, Omri Dahan, was taken from his loved ones and the world unexpectedly and way to soon at the age of 23. The family of six has turned into a family of three; no one in their life time should have to bury a child. This mother has buried a husband and two sons in eight years... Although there is little we can do for her emotional turmoil we can do a lot for her financial situation."

"When Omri came of age, he voluntarily decided to protect Israel just as he tried to protect his brother on the night that he died. Omri was a brave soldier who defended the state of Israel, let's come together and help a family that's in dire need of it.

"Omri's heart of gold and infectious smile will live in our memories forever."

Omri's body will be flown to Israel for burial. His brother's condition has stabilized.