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Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, says that the New York-based Queens Museum refuses to hold a reenactment of the historic UN vote for Israeli independence, which had been planned for November, reports Israel Hayom. Currently a museum, the building once housed the UN headquarters assembly and is the venue where the vote leading to the establishment of the State of Israel took place

In recent days, Danon has been campaigning with support of major Jewish organizations in the United States to change the decision. The plans were to mark the 70th anniversary of the UN's decision in the original hall where the vote was held, with the participation of diplomats and supporters from around the world.

The Queens Museum belongs to the City of New York and is defined as a "public museum."

According to Danon, in June senior museum officials told the UN delegation that they expected to host the event "in its natural place." Invitations were sent, but after the event was publicized, senior museum officials expressed concern over comments they received from "Palestinian members of the museum".

This week, says Danon, museum director Laura Risovich informed him that the museum's board decided not to hold the event because it was "political."

"The celebration of the UN resolution, which recognized the right of the Jewish people in its own country, is not a political event," said Danon, who calls on the municipality of New York to intervene, and to dismiss the museum director.