Arrest (archive)
Arrest (archive)Basel Awidat/Flash 90

Two Israeli Arabs who were recruited by the ISIS terror organization were arrested last month, prosecutors revealed on Friday.

The suspects, two brothers from the Arab Israel city of Umm el-Fahm, were indicted on Friday on charges of joining a terrorist organization and concealing illegal firearms. One brother was also charged with contacting a foreign enemy agent.

The two have been identified as 25-year-old Mahmud Abd Alkareem Kassem Jabarin, and 20-year-old Naim Abd Alkareem Kassem Jabarin.

Investigators say police and Shin Bet internal security agency officials found weapons, including a ‘Carlo’ style imitation Carl Gustav automatic rifle during searches of the suspects’ home.

According to the indictment, one of the two suspects had been in contact with ISIS members in Syria, and had made plans to travel to Syria to fight on behalf of the Islamic terror group. The second suspect, say authorities, had sworn allegiance to ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

On July 14th, three Israeli Arab terrorists from Umm el-Fahm murdered two Israeli Border Police officers just outside the Temple Mount in a shooting attack.

Gun found in suspect's house
Gun found in suspect's houseShin Bet