A 38-year-old Jerusalem Arab was arrested on Tuesday night for robbing elderly women of their jewelry.

The Arab, a resident of one of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, was arrested after an 81-year-old woman filed a complaint with Israel Police earlier this week. In her complaint, she said the Arab arrived at her home, knocked on the door, and asked for a cup of water, claiming to work nearby.

The woman brought him a cup of water, and he asked her to show him the necklace she was wearing. She then unclasped the necklace and showed it to him, at which point he offered to close the clasp, helping to put it back on her.

However, when she handed him the necklace, he put it in his pocket, placing on her neck a fake necklace, which she noticed only several hours later.

Another complaint, filed by an 80-year-old woman, told a similar story: The suspect arrived at her home and asked for a drink of water. He then noticed her gold bracelets and asked to see them.

The woman removed the bracelets from her hand and showed them to him, at which point the suspect grabbed the bracelets and escaped.

Israel Police opened an investigation into the incidents, collecting additional testimonies, proofs, and evidence from the women's homes.

On Tuesday night, the suspect was identified and arrested, and the investigation became public instead of secret. The suspect was brought to the police station for questioning, and was found to be connected to the incidents.

The court is expected to extend his arrest later on Wednesday.