Camel causes fatal accident
Camel causes fatal accidentRegavim Movement

The Regavim Movement on Monday reported to Israel Police about the arrest of a camel owner whose camels were caught walking on the Israeli Air Force base near Hatzerim.

Hatzerim is a small kibbutz in southern Israel, located just west of Be'er Sheva.

According to Regavim, the owner has a herd of camels which in recent years were involved in two fatal accidents in the Negev.

"The writing was on the road," Regavim said. "This is a repeat offender, who was involved in the death of David Cohen and probably in the death of Michal Ventura."

Regavim is a movement which works to take legal steps against illegal building.

Cohen was killed three years ago when a stray camel collided with his car. Though the camel had a chip in its ear identifying it, the owners denied ownership. Eventually, the State decided to close the case without indicting anyone.

The owner of the camel was arrested by Israel Police and taken for an interrogation. He was suspected of allowing his camel to wander freely, causing severe traffic accidents. In the interrogation, he admitted to having owned the camel, but insisted he had sold it a short time prior to the accident. However, he denied knowledge of who the buyer was, causing the prosecutors to close the case.