Old City streets
Old City streetsFlash 90

A Jewish man was injured Sunday afternoon during a violent assault by an Arab man in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The victim, roughly 50 years old, was attacked as he made his way to a yeshiva in the Old City.

While walking through the Old City, the victim was attacked by a young Arab adult, who struck the 50-year old man in the head repeatedly, injuring him.

Police officers passing by spotted the assailant beating the man and ordered him to halt. When the attacker fled, the officers pursued and caught him. The assailant was taken into police custody and brought in for interrogation.

The victim filed a formal complaint against his attacker at the local police station before being evacuated for medical treatment.

Attorney Yossi Nadav, from the Honenu legal help organization assisted the victim in filing the police report.

“My client was brutally attacked in the Old City of Jerusalem simply for being a Jew,” said Nadav.

“I’m certain that the police will do their job faithfully and bring the attacker to trial.”