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The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee modified the proposed 'Taylor Force Act' Tuesday, adding provisions that would make it significantly harder for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to continue receiving its annual $300 million from the United States in aid money while it continues to pay terrorists and their families.

The proposed bill would cut off all aid to the PA until the State Department affirms that they have stopped paying monthly stipends to terrorists convicted of murdering Israelis. Currently, the PA provides lavish stipends to those incarcerated in Israeli jails, with the amount they receive correlated to the sentence and severity of the crime.

It would also remove the waiver granted to US President to permit such funds from going through, and would obligate the State Department to issue yearly reports summarizing the PA's budget policy in regards to compensating terrorists. It does permit aid to be sent for humanitarian purposes, such as hospitals and ambulances.

The bill is named after Taylor Force, a former United States Army officer who was stabbed in 2016, while walking along the Jaffe boardwalk.

A recent report contended that more then half of the PA's yearly budget goes to terrorists, and Brig.Gen. (Res) Yossi Kuperwasser told the Knesset that the PA has dedicated more then $1 Billion on such purposes in the last four years alone.

The PA 'slaycheck' policy has also caused friction between the Trump Administration and the PA. United States President Donald Trump requested that such payments stop during his first meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, a request that the PA rebuffed, claiming that their payments to terrorists were a 'social responsibility.'