Tisha B'Av march
Tisha B'Av marchEliran Aharon

Thousands of Israelis converged on Jerusalem's Old City Monday night, marching around the walls of Jerusalem to commemorate the destruction of the Temple.

The event has taken place every year since 1994, but was almost canceled by the police due to fears of Arab violence. Despite information received by the police of calls on Facebook to 'Stop the settlers from walking to the Western Wall', Jerusalem Police District Commander Yoram Halevi decided not to prevent the traditional event from taking place, and gave the go-ahead.

Event organizers and Woman in Green headed co-founders Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover praised the decision."It is brave, moral, and the obvious thing to do" they said "It shows that the police do not submit to terrorism. Any place that is threatened by terrorism should be strengthened and protected by the police."

The evening started with a joint reading of 'Eicha' (Lamentations) in Independence Park, and continued with the participants marching around the Old City walls up to the Lions Gate, where speeches were given by Deputy Defense Minister MK Eli Ben Dahan (Jewish Home), MK Yehuda Glick (Likud), and Yishai Fleisher, International Spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hevron.

MK Glick, a noted Temple Mount activist, focused his speech on the recent terror attacks that rocked Israel. "This past year, the police have paid a very high price. Five policemen were killed here" he said. "We've gotten to the root of everything, the Temple Mount"

Glick noted the sharp increase of Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount. calling it a miracle, along with the re-settlement of Judea and Samaria saying that "The IDF can defeat its enemies in battle, but those who give them the power to win are the people tonight, mothers and children who are putting facts on the ground."

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan echoed Glick's remarks, saying that "everyone who came here tonight proved with his feet that we want the Temple back - and quickly."

Ben Dahan also called on the government to make Jewish prayer possible on the Temple Mount.

"It cannot be that everyone is to pray here except Jews," he said.

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