Ofek Klugman
Ofek KlugmanCourtesy of the family

Ofek Klugman, a resident of the northern Israeli city of Natzrat Illit in the Galilee, was killed last week in a traffic accident while riding on a motorcycle with a friend.

An IDF combat soldier and Israel’s youth boxing champion, Klugman was evacuated to Rambam Hospital in Haifa after suffering critical injuries in last week’s accident.

Unconscious and suffering multi-system failure, Klugman eventually succumbed to his injuries.

But in death, Klugman managed to save at least five lives.

After his parent’s agreed to donate his organs for transplant, five patients got a new lease on life after receiving Klugman’s heart, liver, and other vital organs.

A 65-year old man from Kiryat Ata who had suffered multiple heart attacks received Klugman’s heart, while Klugman’s liver was donated to a 51-year old man being treated in Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital.

Both of Klugman’s lungs were given to a 35-year old woman in Beilinson Hospital, while his two kidneys were donated to a 15-year old boy in Shneider Hospital and a 47-year old man in Beilinson.

Klugman, who represented Israel at the Youth World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2014, won the bronze medal in the under 66 kilogram (145 pound) weight division.

When he enlisted in the IDF, Klugman volunteered for the elite “Egoz” reconnaissance unit, saying that he wanted to contribute as much as possible to Israel’s security.

“Ofek, who was Israel’s youth boxing champion and who came in third in Europe, could have chosen an easy [army] service as a star athlete, but instead service as a combat soldier in the Egoz unit, because he loved the people of Israel and the State of Israel and wanted to give to the State.”