Tyranny of Globalism
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Even as Muslims invade the continent, rendering the point somewhat moot, a German author and illustrator have produced a children's book How Lotta was Born, recommended from the age of two years, for the purpose of indoctrinating the new generation in the ways of gender disorientation. You see, also some men have a "baby cave".

Ka Schmitz and Cai Schmitz-Weicht impressively if deceptively demonstrate that basically, it is not such a complicated story.

Tobias lives a happy life, which would be even more beautiful with a child.It's a good thing that he happens to have a "baby cave" (a womb) in which a child can develop.They usually are found in women, but Tobias is just one of the few lucky men with "baby cave".

Now only one egg cell and one sperm cell have to be brought together - fertilization is symbolized by the transmission of two happy luminous hearts - and Tobias' pregnancy can begin.

Lotta grows within him and with her so does Tobias' belly, until one bright day he finally brings her out into the world.When Lotta is finally here, the joy of the "father" and "his" friends is huge.

The technical virtuosity that went into the book's production makes it an especially effective propaganda tool to bypass the tyranny of morality and societal norms. The text is simple and optimistic, corresponding to the bright illustrations.The authors are a well-established team, who publish books and other materials "for rainbow families & more".

"Transsexuality is completely self-evident"

The German article by Von Jaron Christian Pelters in Queer.de reporting on the book is a study in glib German gemütlichkeit:

"While not many people can yet digest a man's pregnancy, it is the most normal thing in the world in How Lotta Was Born.The biological process is thereby reduced to a minimum (ie, the combination of spermatozoa and egg cells); transsexuality is neither explicitly mentioned nor described.

"One might ask oneself whether the process is coarsely shortened by the omission.One could also ask, however, whether our adult view does not complicate things almost unnecessarily.Perhaps it is just a great man doing quite well to show a pregnant transman through the eyes of a half-unprejudiced child.

"Anyone who thinks that a picture book for small people from two years on a certainly not everyday topic is a daring or impossible project, will soon be better informed.Also, the poor little ones can be completely confused, can be safely left behind.Because children may understand this issue much more easily than we adults.Especially if it is brought to them by means of such a positive, beautiful booklet as How Lotta was Born."

German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel posited a natural process that occurs also in history requiring norms to metamorphose into their opposite - thesis is challenged by antithesis - until the two conflicting positions join in a synthesis, which in turn provides the basis for a new thesis to be challenged, and so on in an historical spiral of conflict and social demolition.

"Transgenderism" represents the Hegelian dialectic being inflicted upon human biology, as a logical step following the Dialectic Materialism that ravaged nations, killed millions, and set the stage for today's successor to Communism that is Globalism. The Leftist-Islamic alliance is encircling the West in a broad pincer movement that paralyzes its defenses by undermining its moral foundations. Band-aids will not be effective; only repair at the problem's source will release the energies of the beleaguered nations: The universe is a deliberate, purposeful creation; nation-states exist and morality is true. With these principles, what's left of the West may be equipped to battle the scourge of Islam; without them, there is no chance.