Removing metal detectors from the Temple Mount
Removing metal detectors from the Temple MountReuters

The Israeli public does not support the Security Cabinet's decision to remove the Temple Mount's magnetometers, Channel 2 reported.

In the poll, which was conducted by Midgam and iPanel, participants were first asked if placing magnetometers at the Temple Mount's entrances was the right thing to do. 68% of respondents said yes, 23% said no, and 9% had no opinion.

When asked if removing the metal detectors was the right thing to do, 77% said the removal signaled Israel's surrender, and 17% said the removal did not mean Israel surrendered.

Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's behavior during the crisis, 23% believe he did handled the situation properly, while 67% were not satisfied wit his response and 10% were unsure.

Magnetometers are metal detectors designed to detect weapon-grade metal, instead of all metal.

Magnetometers were placed at the Temple Mount's entrances after three terrorists murdered two police officers on July 14 with weapons obtained on the Temple Mount itself. However, the Waqf (the Jordanian body which controls the Temple Mount) refused to cooperate both with the magnetometers and with any other security precautions.

When the metal detectors were removed, the security cameras were also removed, despite the fact that both Jordan and the Waqf had agreed to them previously.