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Site of AmichaiArutz Sheva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the head of his office, Yoav Horovitz, to ensure the immediate resumption of construction on the town of Amichai for Amona evictees, after work had ceased when the State failed to transfer the required budget to the Binyamin Regional Council.

Horovitz talked with the Chairmen of the Defense Ministry, Housing Ministry, and other relevant officials with the aim of bringing about a resumption to work as soon as possible.

In recent weeks, the construction of Amichai in the Shiloh Valley had begun, with funding from the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, which assumed that the money would be returned to it from the State.

The Council invested 10 million shekels in building infrastructure for the new town. However, the state did not transfer the promised budget, and therefore the heads of the Binyamin Council were forced to freeze the work.

The Staff for the Struggle of Amona Evictees expressed astonishment at the cessation of the work. Chairman of the Staff, Avichai Buaron, said, "We feared that left-wing organizations would petition the High Court of Justice on false claims to prevent the establishment of the new town, we feared that political pressures would threaten the process. We didn’t think that bureaucracy and clerks would be the ones to prevent the establishment of the community."

He had called on the Prime Minister to intervene in the crisis. "Only the Prime Minister is capable of solving the problem, and he can do so easily. He has to order Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and the Chairman of his office to transfer the money immediately, he must bang his fist on the table and solve this problem."