Bennett in Neve Tzuf
Bennett in Neve TzufArutz Sheva

Jewish Home chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett on Saturday night visited the home of the family that was murdered in Friday night's stabbing attack in the community of Neve Tzuf (Halamish).

"At this difficult time, I would like to express my condolences to the Salomon family. I just concluded a visit to Halamish, and there are no words to describe the extent of the horror,” Bennett said.

“I want to clarify: Those who encourage terror attacks, inflame the atmosphere, pay allowances to the families of terrorists, name squares after child murderers, incite and lie about Israel's intentions regarding the Temple Mount, call upon hundreds of thousands of people to set fire to the streets, they are the ones responsible for this attack,” he stressed.

"Those who say that the Jews are guilty of the fact that they are being murdered simply legitimize the next massacre. They are the ones who create the atmosphere in which a lowly murderer who is younger than 20 decides to slaughter Jews at their home on Friday night. Not the victims, not the 'settlements', not the Israeli leaders. Instead of Palestinian leaders recognizing our right to live here in coexistence, they seek to nullify the existence of the Jewish community in the Land of Israel,” Bennett continued.

"At this difficult time, we as a society must cease the blame and self-flagellation and unite against the terrorists. Terror can be eradicated. Using force, action, determination and consistency. Therefore, we will vote in the Cabinet in favor of every operational plan to eradicate terror, and I have no doubt that our soldiers will now how to deal with any security challenge,” he concluded.

The victims of Friday night's terrorist attack were identified on Saturday night as Yosef Salomon (70), and his children Haya (46) and Elad (36).

The Salomon family, residents of Neve Tzuf, had been celebrating the birth of a new grandchild Friday night, when 19-year-old Omar al-Abed burst in, stabbing and killing the grandfather Yosef and his children.

Elad's wife locked the children in a side room, likely saving the grisly body count from rising.

An off duty soldier realized what was underway and fired through the window, hitting al-Abed and seriously injuring him.