The mother of A., who neutralized the terrorist, spoke to Arutz Sheva about how her family realized what was happening and worked to stop it.

A. is an IDF soldier in Oketz, the IDF's canine special forces unit. His family lives across the street from the Salomons.

"We were eating our meal, and we heard screams," she said. "So my son ran upstairs and my husband ran out of the house and into their house. Within a second he came back, and my son ran out with his gun, jumped over this wall, saw the terrorist through the window, and shot through the window. The terrorist dropped immediately to the floor."

"My husband ran into the house with his gun. We were terrified, I was with my mother in the house, we were very frightened, and we didn't know what was going on. We didn't know how many terrorists were out there, maybe one, maybe more. And then the security forces came.

"My son was screaming out of the house at my husband, 'Don't go in there without a gun! Don't go in there without a gun!' They ran to the safe to get his gun.

"It was all very very fast. I don't think he thought, he just ran out there."

On Friday night, a terrorist entered the Salomon family's home and began stabbing. Three members of the family were killed and a fourth was injured. By miracle, the wife of one of the victims managed to lock her children into a side room, saving their lives.