Baruch Marzel
Baruch MarzelEliran Aharon

I would like to express to you my great admiration for your position on the principles of your religion and for not being obsequious to the authorities in your stand for the protection of Islam.

Your ruling that a Muslim who passes through the magnetometers on the Temple Mount does not see his prayers received is a courageous one, in light of attempts by various parties to bend your faith.

By us in Judaism there is a concept called that “You can only rally one who will be rallied,” meaning that someone who is already doing a good thing can be expected to continue with another good deed.

Therefore, I urge you to expand your ruling in a way that applies not only to the Temple Mount, but also to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, which only last week UNESCO defined as a Muslim site - where, as is known, magnetometers are located at the entrance to the compound. Your silence on the Tomb of the Patriarchs shows that even on the Temple Mount the Israeli government will eventually succeed.

It is inconceivable that Muslims will be humiliated in such a way and have to undergo checks by the Zionist occupation regime.

After dealing with the holy places, it is worthwhile to consider expanding the ruling to those magnetometers that symbolize the occupation. As is well known, these devices are located in all the government ministries, the Postal Authority, the National Insurance Institute, the hospitals and other public institutions frequented by members of the Muslim community.

How good it is that there are religious leaders like you who, through their courageous rulings, can move forward with them toward the desired peace and quiet (as exists these days on the Temple Mount).

If you do not expand your ruling to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, it will turn out that your entire decision has no religious significance, and you will have become just another politician and small-time terrorist.

Looking forward to building the Temple this year and hope that you will soon see the face of our righteous Messiah.