A local Jerusalamite (originally from South Africa) has recently authored a book displaying a different side of Israel to the world.

Very intentionally entitled “United Nation”, David Kramer’s work is designed to combat the typical perceptions conveyed about the country in the international community by displaying the nation’s commitment to welfare and charitable efforts on behalf of its citizens and those around the world.

Using multiple initiatives as the basis of his thesis, Kramer works to make this argument through informed case studies (and excellent photos) that the world deserves to recognize are an integral part of the Israeli fabric.

The book was a personal project by Kramer, who began the book not knowing where it would take him but eventually found that it could become a compelling argument in the face of the ongoing onslaught from foreign bodies and media. Kramer is in the process of developing an organization to promote the vision in the book and involve others in spreading its messages.

“17 years ago, I joined six Israeli students at the United Nations world conference against racism, where I saw with my own eyes the feelings that people around the world have towards Israel. Unfortunately, those feelings were not positive,” Kramer told Arutz Sheva.

The opening ceremony of that conference included 20,000 people who held banners against Israel and Zionism. “The one I remember the most is a big Star of David equals a swastika. And I felt that somehow the story of Israel has not been told,” he added.

Israel is a very complex country, said Kramer, “but we have a society that very much cares about this world and I think it's very important that this story gets told.”