Combat soldiers
Combat soldiersHadas Porush, Flash 90

As part of its efforts to reduce the effects of shell shock, the IDF is expected to provide resilience training via a new computer program.

The IDF hopes that the new training program will drastically reduce the risk of shell shock among combat soldiers.

According to Hebrew-language newspaper Israel Hayom, the program is based on the idea that people who are in traumatic situations when they are more tense and searching for a danger or threat are more resistant to developing post-traumatic symptoms.

The IDF has therefore decided to increase tension in combat fighters, and cause them to search for threats. The training will be via a special computer system which will be implemented gradually: first the front-line combat soldiers will use it, then other combat soldiers, and then certain combat support soldiers.

Ground Forces Mental Health Director Dr. Walid Svetlitzky said, "Attention training is one of many innovations which will help the mental fitness of the combat soldiers and their ability to deal with challenges while improving performance, preventing mental health morbidity, and preventing soldiers from dropping out of the army during their service."

"We are working to change the IDF's orientation, and we are focusing not only on battle ability and the soldiers' physical health, but also on their mental health.

"The IDF is searching for additional ways to reduce the prevalence of post-traumatic disorders. Among other things, we are looking into creating a mental 'efforts ruler' for the soldiers."