Girl walks inside mosque in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Girl walks inside mosque in Rawalpindi, Pakistanצילום: Reuters

A tribal council in Pakistan ordered the killing of a 13-year-old girl for violating the honor code of the village, reported The Clarion Project.


The girl, identified only as Naghma, ran away with two young men, a Pakistani official who was quoted by the news outlet Dawn said. Fearing for their safety, the men abandoned the young girl, who was later picked up by security forces.

Upon assurance from her family that they would not kill her, the police released Naghma on bail to her relatives.

Yet after the local jirga (council of leaders) ordered her killing, Naghma’s family shot her dead and buried her body in a local graveyard.

A local journalist reported that the two young men who ran away with Naghma were being held by the same jirga. Although relatives were trying to free the men, the journalist said the jirga could very well order the killing of them as well.

Over 1,000 women are killed each year in Pakistan in honor killings carried out by their relatives.

Pakistan’s National Assembly passed a law earlier this year empowering jirgas to preside over small civil matters to reduce the burden on the courts.

Pakistani women
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