An northern Israeli mother and her 5-year-old son were taken on Tuesday to Afula's Haemek Medical Center and found to be suffering from organic phosphorus poisoning.

One of the main suspects is that the two were exposed to a dangerous pesticide after they ate unwashed grapes.

According to Haemek Pediatric Emergency Room Head Dr. Gilad Hen, "The mother and child were brought to us in serious condition by the father."

"Both patients were sweating, only partially conscious, had mucus in their airways, a rapid pulse, flushed skin, and had narrow pupils. The mother needed to be hooked up to oxygen immediately, and she was taken to the respiratory intensive care unit. The son was taken to the pediatric intensive care unit."

According to Dr. Hen, the father had no idea what had happened, and was not able to communicate with either his wife or son because of their serious condition.

Meanwhile, the hospital's tests showed both were suffering from phosphorus poisoning.

"The child's condition was slightly better than the mother's, and after we stabilized him he told us that they had picked grapes and eaten them. it could very well be that that's how they were exposed to the phosphorus," Dr. Hen said.

"Organic phosphorus poisoning can be turn life-threatening immediately. In Israel, farmers often use phosphorus as a pesticide.

"Everyone must make sure to wash fruits and vegetables with soap and water before eating them."

Both patients improved overnight, and are no longer in danger. The mother is now breathing on her own.