'Common Swift' returns to Western Wall
'Common Swift' returns to Western WallFlash 90

The Liba Center, which works to strengthen Judaism in the State of Israel, brought up the fact that some of the leaders of Reform Jewry in a rage over the past day due to the cancellation of the Kotel (Western Wall) plan for a mixed-gender prayer space are radical leftists who even sometimes work against Israel.

“Some of these leaders who have been threatening the State of Israel in recent days have already been working for a long time against it,” Liba said. “They supported the nuclear deal with Iran, work for the establishment of a Palestinian state, acted against current US President Trump, and more.”

The center said that most Jews living in the US will continue to remain faithful to the State of Israel and not set preconditions for their faithfulness.

“We support the Prime Minister and the ministers on this important decision, which expresses the will of the majority of the Jewish people and will lead to unity and the strengthening of the State of Israel,” the group added.