IllustrationNati Shohat/Flash 90

Police arrested a 38-year old Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem on Monday, after the man posed as a National Insurance Institute employee and stole thousands of shekels from an elderly couple.

Last month, the couple filed a complaint with police that an Arab man had come to their home in central Jerusalem, claiming to be a representative of the National Insurance Institute.

The couple opened the door for the man, who explained that he had been sent by the NII to the couple’s home.

Soon after, however, the man spotted the wife’s purse sitting near the front door. The suspect shoved the woman out of the way, took her wallet out of the purse, and fled, pocketing the approximately 2,000 shekels ($570) in cash he found in his victim’s wallet.

Investigators interviewed the couple, took evidence from the scene, and were eventually able to tie the crime to the suspect.

According to police, the suspect had attempted the ruse on prior occasions, only to find the couple was not at home.

The suspect was apprehended Monday evening and taken in for questioning at the Lev Habira police station. A court is expected to extend his arrest Tuesday afternoon.