Ten years, not a single home
Ten years, not a single homeMiriam Tzachi

Likud branch heads and party leaders signed a joint call to Knesset Likud faction members demanding action to fulfill Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's promise to build 300 housing units in Beit El.

"We, the heads of the councils, branches, and Likud groups ask Likud ministers and MKs to intervene in the construction freeze in Beit El," the letter said.

"The construction situation in Beit El is unbearable!" said the signatories, noting that "For the past decade, not a single house has been built in Beit El.The breach of the promises made to Beit El harms trust in Likud members.Development of the community and compliance with the government's commitment to build 300 residential units in Beit El rests with every member of the Likud faction.

"We ask all MKs of the faction to exert their influence on the Prime Minister to keep his promise after the destruction of the buildings in the Ulpana neighborhood and, secondly, after the destruction of the Drienoff homes, to build 300 housing units in Beit El.Loyalty to the path is one of the highest values of the Likud.We therefore demand that the government fulfill its promise."

The letter is signed by Shuki Ohana - Chairman of the Safed Branch Natan Engelsman - Chairman of the Mateh Binyamin Branch, Dubi Kozol - Chairman of the Karnei Shomron Branch, Racheli Ben Ari Skaat - Chairwoman of the Raanana Branch, Yossi Wahab - Chairman of the Petach Tikva branch, Eliezer Rodrig, Chairman of the Kiryat Arba branch, Binyamin Dana Picard - Chairman of the Beit El branch, Amir Vitman - chairman of the Likud Liberals, Chen Gutterman - Torah bZion, David Schein - Chairman of the Likud Youth, Arik Kellner - Chairman of the Youth Leadership Committee and Dror Forum, Shimon Asulin - Chairman of the Ashkelon Branch, Yishai Merlin - Chairman of Gush Etzion Branch, Shlomi Feig - Mitzpeh Yericho , Uriel Tanami - Chairman of the Azor branch, Shalom Shlomo Alfasi - Chairman of Ashdod Branch, Elhanan Engelsman - Chairman of Givat Shmuel branch, Zvika Galant - Givat Shmuel.