Hadar Goldin
Hadar GoldinCourtesy of the family

For most Israelis, Operation Protective Edge ended in 2014. Memories of that terrible summer are already beginning to fade.

But for the family of Hadar Goldin, killed in a terror-tunnel ambush, the battle continues. His body is still being held by Hamas, and his family is making their struggle known for the first time, begging the Israeli government to do everything in its power to return him for burial.

To share their message, Hadar’s family will join in a ceremony dedicating a commemorative plaque on the Wall of Honor at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem on the morning of June 25, 2017. The monument – built and donated by JNF -US is located at a pivotal site in 1967’s Six-Day War – honors Jewish soldiers who have bravely fought defended their country, even those the nation seems to have forgotten.

On his high school trip to Auschwitz, years ago, Hadar wrote, “I understand what I need to give of myself, to my country. When I look into myself, I know I have the strength to give above and beyond what is required.”

The struggle for justice for Hadar Goldin is far from over. But dedicating a plaque on the Wall of Honor will ensure that until his body is returned to his family, his name and his sacrifice will not simply fade away.