Hadas Malka
Hadas MalkaIDF Border Police

Border Police Master Sergeant Hadas Malka was killed in a combined shooting-stabbing terror attack in Jerusalem on Friday.

Three terrorists armed with knives and rifles attacked two different locations in Jerusalem, killing Hadas and injuring four others.

Two of the victims were injured moderately, and two others were injured lightly.

All of the terrorists were eliminated at the scene.

Describing the events, the Jerusalem Division chief said, "One attack was carried out at Zedekiah's Cave. Two terrorists, one with a knife and one with an automatic weapon, attempted to harm police officers."

"The officers responded by firing their weapons and killing the terrorists on the spot.

"About 100 meters from there, a third terrorist stabbed a policewoman, critically wounding her. The terrorist was shot on the spot by other policemen in the area.

"The injured policewoman fought for a few seconds with the terrorist who stabbed her, and tried to draw her weapon. The other officers realized what was happened and shot the terrorist, who later died."

Malka was 23 and lived in the village of Givat Azar near Ashdod, located in southern Israel. She received the rank of Master Sergeant after her death.

Malka served as a border guard during her army service, and joined the Border Police fifteen months ago as a career officer and commander.

The funeral will be held on Saturday night.

She leaves behind her parents, three sisters, and two brothers.