Senator Rand Paul
Senator Rand PaulReuters

Senator Rand Paul, (R-Kentucky) spoke before the Senate floor on his opposition to the Saudi arms sale as Senate Democratic leaders are joining forces with him to oppose a portion of President Donald Trump's arms deal with Saudi Arabia: "General Dwight Eisenhower said that he worried that someday we would make decisions not based on our defense, but based on the military-industrial complex.

"I am embarrassed. The people are out here talking about making us some money, and making a buck, while seventeen-million people live on a starvation diet and are threatened with famine; I am embarrassed that people would bring up trying to feather the nest of corporations in order to sell these weapons.

"This should be made pure and simple on our national defense: Saudi Arabia is not a reliable ally, Saudi Arabia should not get these weapons, for every supposed good thing they do, they do five things that are bad for America, they're the biggest purveyor of hatred of Christianity and Judaism, I request a no vote, and I reserve the remainder of my time."

Paul and Sen. Chris Murphy are expected to force a vote on their resolution - which is possible under Senate rules for arms sales - as early as Tuesday, according to CNN quoting Senate aides.