Israeli-Arab man, Wissam Zubidat, convicted of joining ISIS
Israeli-Arab man, Wissam Zubidat, convicted of joining ISISFLASH90

The Haifa district court on Tuesday morning convicted Wissam Zubidat from the Arab town of Sakhnin in northern Israel, after Zubidat and his spouse were found to have joined the ISIS terrorist group.

His wife has already been convicted, and sentenced to 50 months in prison.

According to the indictment, the couple not only joined ISIS, but worked for the group in Mosul, Iraq. The husband served as an ISIS fighter while the wife worked in a hospital.

The father of the woman, who went searching for the family, found them in Turkey, and succeeded after much effort in convincing them to return to Israel.

The two were indicted for contact with a foreign agent, leaving the country illegally, membership in a prohibited organization, forbidden military exercises, and providing work and services to a prohibited entity.

The couple admitted under investigation all the offenses attributed to them, but did not express remorse for their actions.