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The intelligence information shared by President Donald Trump with Russian officials that allegedly ‘unmasked’ Israeli operations included proof ISIS terrorists in Syria have been plotting to use explosive devices concealed in laptops to bomb passenger planes.

Last month, it was reported that the president had inadvertently revealed Israel intelligence as the source of sensitive security information during discussions with Russian officials. According to The Washington Post, during conversations with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russia’s Ambassador to the US, President Trump disclosed information obtained by a key US ally – information whose very nature revealed its source.

On Monday, a report by The New York Times identified the source of intel cited by the president, confirming that Israel was indeed the ally who provided the information to the US.

According to the Times report, the information shared by Trump with the two Russian officials was a plot by ISIS terrorists in Syria to conceal powerful explosive devices inside laptop computers, then use those bombs to down passenger planes.

Israeli cyber teams reportedly hacked into the systems of terrorists involved in the bombing plot, and were able to extract detailed information regarding the plan, including efforts to create bombs which could fool airport security X-ray machines, giving the appearance of laptop batteries.

It was this intelligence that prompted the US to enact a ban in March on laptops and other digital devices on flights to the US and UK from eight predominantly Muslim nations.