Some of the stored weapons
Some of the stored weaponsPolice spokesperson

A 75-year-old woman arrived at a Tel Aviv police station Sunday with her son and handed over a cache of weapons and ammunition belonging to her late husband.

Upon arriving at the station, the widow said that her husband, who died of a serious illness a few months ago, had called his son who lives in England two weeks before he passed away. The deceased husband told his son that the weapons were stored in the apartment.

The deceased, who was an officer with the rank of sergeant in the artillery corps and who later became an architect, collected weapons from the many wars in which he took part, and even from wars in which Israel did not fight.

He hid the cache behind a bookcase in his apartment, in a secret room that he had specially built. When his father died, the son came to the apartment and found the secret room with the weapons hidden inside.

To his surprise, the son found a sniper rifle from 1890, two revolvers, two AK-47s, five pistols, and many magazines and bullets. His family is seeking to donate the weapons to the Artillery Museum in Tel Aviv.