Rock-throwing terrorists
Rock-throwing terroristsIsrael Police spokesperson

Israel Border Police on Friday arrested six terrorists, three of whom threw stones at security forces and three of whom jumped the security fence around Jerusalem in an attempt to avoid passing through the checkpoints.

The three terrorists arrested for jumping the fence were "Shalit deal" terrorists released in 2011 in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, held in capitivity in Gaza.

All three are in their twenties, and claimed they jumped the fence in order to attend Ramadan prayers.

After a chase, the rock-throwing terrorists were caught participating in riots in Jerusalem's Shuafat neighborhood.

Their arrest will be extended.

"Israel Police will respond harshly and without patience towards anyone who attempts to harm security forces and public decorum," a spokesman said. "The police will fight anyone who crosses the security fence without permission while causing damage to the fence itself."

"The Border Police officers' professional and determined response helped arrest these rock-throwers red-handed, and helped arrest those who illegally crossed the security fence."