'I Love Palestine' T-shirt
'I Love Palestine' T-shirtREUTERS

The retail giant Sears has put a line of “Free Palestine” apparel up for sale on its website, including t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

The shirts bear slogans including “Free Palestine”, “End Israeli Occupation”, “Free Gaza”, and Freedom For Palestine”.

The shirts all appear to be sold by Spread Shirt, a German clothing company which allows third-parties to market their designs on the company’s website, or through larger retailers, like Sears.

Some of the items feature the Palestine Liberation Organization flag, others a clinched fist bearing the PLO flag’s colors.

"Free Palestine" t-shirt on sale at Sears
"Free Palestine" t-shirt on sale at SearsScreenshot

Still others feature a map of Israel – labelling the entire country “Palestine” and calling for its liberation. One shirt flashes a V for victory sign, another superimposes the image of a masked man covering his face with a kaffiyeh onto a PLO flag.

A description of one shirt encourages buyers to “Make a statement about the Arab–Israeli conflict with this powerful design,” calling it a “must-have for all wardrobes”.