The Ministerial Committee for Legislation will discuss on Sunday a law proposed by MK Merav Michaeli (Zionist Union) encouraging Israelis to travel to work together.

The proposed bill suggests allowing not-for-profit ridesharing, in which both the driver and passengers chip in to cover the costs of transportation.

Ridesharing is a widely accepted way to travel, and allows workers to reduce transportation costs and pollution on their way to and from work.

It will also reduce road traffic, as well as the costs of gas both to individuals and to the State.

The proposal takes into account the need to maintain competition among private and shared taxi companies. Therefore, the bill suggests, ridesharing should not be allowed within a city, or to and from Ben Gurion Airport. However, other ridesharing would be legal, as long as each participant pays their share of the costs.

"Every single one of us pays daily for gas, insurance, and the wear daily trips have on their vehicle," Michaeli said. "It's obvious that we're wasting hours stuck in traffic, instead of working or spending time with our children. These traffic jams cause enormous pollution, a loss in fertility, and a loss of income."

"Ridesharing is widely accepted around the globe as a way to travel together to work and split the costs, reducing travel costs and traffic on the roads, without harming taxi drivers' income.

"In a country with awful public transportation and traffic jams which worsen with each passing day, it's surprising that this solution has not yet been implemented. I hope that together with the Transportation Minister and his ministry, we will be able to advance this solution appropriately."