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Israeli prisonFlash 90

Israel Prison Services (IPS) on Saturday morning announced that the terrorist prisoners' hunger strike ended after negotiations with the strike's leaders.

According to IPS, Israel reached an agreement with the Red Cross and the Palestinian Authority, allowing the PA to fund a second monthly visit so families can see their terrorist relatives more often.

According to the prisoners, the negotiations were held in the Ashkelon prison, and the agreement satisfies all of the prisoners' demands.

Security sources said the hunger strikers were not promised anything included in arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti's document, which included more TV channels, a free academic degree, and longer visiting hours.

During the 40-day period , 1,578 imprisoned terrorists, most of them Fatah members, went on a hunger strike. However, over 750 broke their strike in the middle. 16 of the prisoners were hospitalized and will be returned to their prison cells when they are healthy enough to be released.

Three weeks ago, ISP publicized a video showing strike leader and instigator, Barghouti, whoe political aspirations are felt to be behind the publicity-getting strike, secretly eating in his cell. He then washed his hands to hide the evidence.