Israeli town with signs supporting terror
Israeli town with signs supporting terrorRegavim

The hunger strike being held by jailed terrorists in Israel is getting a blatant and unhindered show of support on the main street of Kfar Kana, an Israeli Arab town in the Galilee region of northern Israel.

A sign of support for terrorists hangs alongside PLO flags in the center of the city, under a municipal stone pergola.

The sign of support, which reads “Tent of water and salt - identification with our brave prisoners,” includes pictures of Marwan Barghouti, convicted of murdering 5 Israelis and involvement in numerous attacks which left many injured, and Ahmad Sadat, the head of the PFLP group who was convicted, among other crimes, of participation in the 2001 murder of Minister Rehavam Zeevi, the most senior Israeli official murdered in a terror attack.

Yishai Hemo, coordinator for the northern district of the Regavim organization who passed the location twice this week within the context of his work, documented the presentation, which has been hanging unhindered for close to a week.

“It’s hard to understand how, in the heart of a town in the state of Israel, a presentation of support for terrorists with the blood of innocent people on their hands takes place unhindered,” Hemo said. “And if this isn’t enough, a sign of support on which is seen the murderer of Rehavam Zeevi, an Israeli minister, hangs in a public structure established with taxpayer funds. It’s just a scandal, and another expression of the state of Israel’s loss of sovereignty.”