Divorced fathers protest in Sarona
Divorced fathers protest in SaronaRevital Pinch

A group of divorced fathers calling itself “Fathers in Orange” found an original and dramatic way to demonstrate against the abuse they suffer at the hands of the various governmental systems. They marched through the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv with their feet cuffed, dressed in orange outfits and wearing masks on their faces.

Each one had a sign pasted on his chest which read “Father.” On their backs it was written: “Prisoner of the family court,” “Prisoner of the Execution Office,” “Prisoner of the Welfare and communication centers.”

The effect created was powerful; at least one onlooker had to cover her face with a restaurant menu so as not to see the frightening image. Otherwise, she said, she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Members of the group said that they intend to hold similar such protests at various locations around Israel in the near future.

Protests by divorced fathers have taken place for years but generally do not gain media attention - even when they seem to have the qualities befitting a newsworthy story, and even when hundreds are in participation.

Many of these fathers assert that feminist reporters try to conceal knowledge of their protests from the public, as part of a policy of suppression.