Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon AdelsonReuters

Jewish-American Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who owns the “Israel Hayom” Israeli newspaper, arrived this morning to the offices of police unit “Lahav 433” to give testimony as part of police investigations into so-called “Case 2,000.”

The case relates to a series of conversations between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Noni Mozes, the publisher of Israeli paper “Yediot Aharonot.”

According to reports and transcripts of their conversations which were published, the conversations between the two dealt with the coverage of the Prime Minister in “Yediot Aharonot” and the paper’s competition with “Israel Hayom.”

Within the framework of the deal that the two allegedly sought to make, Mozes was to ensure more positive coverage of Netanyahu In his paper; in return, Netanyahu would act to impose certain limitations on “Israel Hayom,” a prime competitor of Mozes’ paper.