Barkat at todays Mizrahi conference
Barkat at todays Mizrahi conferenceDavid Stein

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat spoke this morning (Tuesday) to hundreds of Jews from around the world who participated in the Jerusalem Day events organized by the World Mizrachi Movement.

Speaking at the conference at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem, the mayor reviewed the city's achievements in tourism, technology, and culture and asked to convey a message to President Trump.

"I say clearly, they will never divide Jerusalem," Barkat said. "To President Trump we are grateful and say again that we want to see the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem."

"We are not afraid of it, because we are fighting the bad guys in any case ... do the right thing, do not give in to any threat - transfer the embassy to Jerusalem," he said.

Mayor Barkat also referred to the security situation in the city and said, "The statistics speak of the fact that in the United States there are 9 murders for every 100,000 residents. In Jerusalem 1 per 100,000. So when I go to the United States, I pray to return safely to Jerusalem."

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who participated in last night's conference, called for avoiding any concession of territory to the Arabs: "Israel is strong and getting stronger every day, it has a strong economy and a strong army, we have to continue to believe in ourselves and never to transfer one centimeter of land to our enemies. You know what our job is? To be the iron arm of the Israeli government - to ensure that we all remain strong because we are strong."

Minister Bennett also referred to the national mission of the struggle against assimilation and said, "Every generation has a mission: In 1948, it was to fight and establish a state. In 1967, the mission was to fight and unite Jerusalem. In 2017 our task is to save Jews. We have millions of Jews around the world and we are losing them to intermarriage and assimilation. Now our mission connects the Land of Israel with the Torah of Israel and the people of Israel together. You, the Jewish people are returning, but you are returning strong and you will impel the Jews back to the Land of Israel."

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