The circumcision on Wednesday morning
The circumcision on Wednesday morningHar Hevron spokesman

"In your blood shall you live." In the Kiryat Arba area on Route 60, where the grandfather Avraham Hasno was murdered, a circumcision ceremony took place this morning (Wednesday) for his new grandson, born on his own birthdate, whom he did not see.

The name of the grandson: Netzach Asher Yaakov. And among those who bestowed the blessing of the Kohanim was also the commander of the Judea Brigade, Col. Itzik Cohen.

Avraham traveled in his car from his place of work in Otniel to his home in Kiryat Arba. When he was on Route 60 in the al-Fawwar area, he was forced to stop and leave his car after Arabs blocked the road with burning tires, rolled them at Israeli vehicles, and even threw stones.

When Avraham was out of the car, an Arab truck drove up and crushed him to death, then ran back over him to make sure he was dead.