The refreshment stand on Route 90
The refreshment stand on Route 90Moshe Gutman

On Lag Baomer eight years ago, five people were killed in a horrific traffic accident while returning home from Meron.

The accident, which occurred in the Jordan Valley, killed both parents and their three children.

Investigations showed the cause was probably the driver's exhaustion, which resulted from the festivities of the previous night.

Together with the Jordan Valley Regional Council, the Road Safety Authority, and the Crossings Authority, the policeman who arrived first at the scene began a tradition - starting one year after the accident - of setting up a refreshing rest stop at the side of Highway 90.

The policeman stops every car coming from Meron and instructs both driver and passengers to exit the vehicle and refresh themselves.

The way station staffs volunteers and policemen, and offers coffee, ices, refreshments, and safety instruction, with a smile and in a friendly fashion.