Scene of the accident outside Barkan
Scene of the accident outside BarkanLior Gottheid/MDA

A man was killed in a traffic accident outside of the Jewish town of Barkan in Samaria Thursday night when his truck flipped over on Highway 5, the Trans-Samarian Highway.

Authorities say the cause of the accident remains unknown.

After the truck flipped over, the vehicle went up in flames.

The driver was trapped inside the truck after the accident, and was unable to escape before he was killed by the fire.

MDA emergency first responders were called to the scene. They were forced to declare the driver dead at the scene

No details on the identity of the driver have yet been released.

Shai Amihai, senior MDA paramedic, described the scene of the accident.

“On a turn [of a highway exit] on a traffic island we saw an overturned truck on fire. Working in conjunction with firefighters we managed to locate the driver of the truck who was trapped inside. He had no vital signs and we were forced to declare him dead.”