Current location of the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv
Current location of the United States Embassy in Tel AvivFlash 90

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders on Wednesday responded to reports that President Donald Trump had decided that the U.S. Embassy in Israel would remain in Tel Aviv and not move to Jerusalem.

"The president has not made a decision yet and is still reviewing that," she said and, when pressed on the issue once again, added, "I'm not going to get into the decision making process here. All I can tell you is that he's reviewing it and as soon as he has a decision we'll be happy to report back to you."

The question came following reports in Israeli media that Trump has already decided to extend the order which prevents the Embassy in Israel from being moved to Jerusalem.

A U.S. source told the Hebrew-language 360 news website that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already been informed of Trump's decision.

The Israeli government is not surprised by Trump's decision, but they are still very disappointed. The expectation was that Trump would make an announcement regarding Jerusalem during his upcoming May 22 visit to Israel.

The last communication on the issue was received from Vice President Mike Pence, who said at a reception in honor of Israel’s Independence Day that the Trump administration was still considering the Embassy move.