Police raid get-together of 'hilltop youth'
Police raid get-together of 'hilltop youth'Eliran Aharon

Police of the Judea and Samaria district broke up a social get-together last night of youth from Judea and Samaria in the Jerusalem Forest.

Attorney Moshe Polsky from the Honenu legal organization arrived at the scene to give legal assistance to 30 youth being checked by investigators.

Attorney Polsky said that the get-together was simply a “private bonfire of dozens of youth, without alcohol, without drugs, without any sort of public disturbance, disrupted by police.”

He said that it was “An innocent event of guitars and food around the campfire at night, which was ruined without any justification and for no reason. It seems that Israeli Police already finished dealing with all the violent and criminal incidents, and now all they have left to do is infringe on the lives of youth.”

המשטרה פשטה על קומזיץ של נוער הגבעות