Rabbi Meir Mazuz
Rabbi Meir MazuzYaakov Naumi/Flash 90

Head of the “Kiseh Rahamim” yeshiva Rabbi Meir Mazuz slammed during his weekly lesson the order to integrate women into combat positions in the army. The Rabbi’s words were published in the haredi paper “Kikar Hashabbat.”

“The army is getting crazier all the time. Why are they doing this? Today there are female soldiers [...] But now, for the sake of ‘equality,’ they’re not only obligating women to serve in office jobs, but in tanks.”

“They are destroying the Nation of Israel,” the Rabbi continued. “Women are not built for this. They do not have the endurance that men have. Think about it, a woman gets injured - does she have a future? No. A man, even if he is injured, can at least have a career.”

The Rabbi warned that placing women in fighting positions was dangerous. “What if a woman falls into captivity? They’ll force her to talk. Unlike a man, who can withstand the pressure, a woman can tell all secrets when forced."

The Rabbi said that the mother of Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot “had wanted him to be a rabbi. He won’t be a rabbi, but at least he shouldn’t be anti-religious. Let people keep the Torah, don’t force, don’t do something like that.”

“Why do it? To find favor with women’s groups? They won’t make you prime minister. With stupidity like that, you won’t be prime minister.”