Binyamin Netanyahu at the ceremony
Binyamin Netanyahu at the ceremonyAmos Ben Gershom/ LAAM

Israel's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday prepared for the memorial ceremony for Foreign Ministry officials who were murdered during their service.

Those who fell during their time serving in the Foreign Ministry were either killed or murdered on the job. These include victims of terror attacks and other murders, whether political or otherwise.

The victims' names are engraved on a wall in Jerusalem's Foreign Ministry.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who also serves as Foreign Minister, said during the ceremony, "Threats still exist. We have warnings, but over the years we have learned to fend off these attacks, to stop them before they occur."

"Our security teams invest an incredible amount and their efforts. Their efforts encompass the entire globe, and in the vast majority of instances, it is successful.

"Our work saves lives. It protects people, it protects you, and it helps other countries' foreign ministries as well.

"Despite this, each of the sixteen who fell during their time in the Foreign Ministry is a person with a story. We have known heartbreaking tragedies. The wall which we are facing bears witness to that fact.

"I know that for you, this feeling of loss is unending, and yet you need to live with it every day. The hurt which you feel will remain. We are all with you, sharing your burden.

"The Foreign Ministry family holds you close to its heart, and the entire nation embraces you.

"We will remember those who have fallen, and we will continue their legacy to secure Israel's future, security, and safety, and to ensure their beloved country continues to thrive. May their memories be for a blessing."