Avigail Ben Nun
Avigail Ben NunYoni Kempinski

The Neve Tzuf (Halamish) home of Holocaust survivors Avigail and Yosef Ben-Nun was burned down in the November 2016 wave of arson terror attacks.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Avigail said this year's Holocaust Remembrance Day is "slightly harder and sadder."

"But on the other hand, if during the Holocaust we needed to fend for ourselves, this time after our home was burned we received tremendous support from everyone - both in Israel and abroad, from Jews and from gentiles."

"It was very uplifting, and gave us a lot of strength.

"It was a miracle no one was hurt in that huge fire. No one was injured and no one was killed."

What hurts most, she said, are "all the pictures and memories which were completely lost."

"Two days before the fire, I gave all our pictures and letters to one of our children, who taped us. But everything else was lost, including pictures of my father and uncles who were killed in the Holocaust. My husband also lost all his memories. He lost his father and brothers in the Holocaust.

"We had a two-story house, and now we live in a 45 square meter caravan. But the enormous amount of support we've received, thank G-d, makes us smile.

"Our home is in Neve Tzuf, and it will always be there. I am optimistic, and I will always remain optimistic, with strong faith in G-d.

"During the fire, I learned a real lesson. I was always the giver - and suddenly I had to receive. I realized it was very difficult, and that's a lesson for all givers. You need to understand how difficult it is to receive. I see the youths here, and they're doing such holy work. These youths are simply amazing."