Erel Margalit
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Members of the Almagor Terror Victims' Association on Saturday night called on Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein to consider measures against MK Erel Margalit (Zionist Union) following his meeting with Fatah leader Jibril Rajoub and his activities for the benefits of jailed terrorists.

"We are asking for an urgent discussion about the meeting between MK Erel Margalit and Jibril Rajoub in Ramallah," the bereaved parents wrote to Edelstein, adding, "His demand that the murderers of our loved ones be provided with telephones and good conditions in prison deeply hurt our feelings."

"It was very difficult for us to see the meeting, a week before the Memorial Day for our loved ones, to see a Knesset member from the Zionist Union meeting with a senior member of the Fatah movement and making himself available to terrorist operatives and their families,” the letter continued.

“How much injustice and insensitivity is there in one Jewish Israeli Knesset member who demands, on this week in particular, to grant better conditions for murderers and terrorists in the prisons while our loved ones lie buried in their graves without any possibility of receiving 'better conditions'? Instead of embracing us and supporting our position to toughen the good conditions in which they live, instead of supporting the cessation of their visits until the bodies of our soldiers are returned, Margalit goes to our enemies and helps them fight us,” the families wrote.

In his meeting with Rajoub, Margalit addressed the ongoing hunger strike by hundreds of terrorists in Israeli prisons, saying that "[Prime Minister] Netanyahu and [Public Security Minister Gilad] Erdan have ignored the recommendations of the Shin Bet in this area based on nonsense, such as [the recommendation to install] public phones for the prisoners. These aren't leaders. They're irresponsible pyromaniacs."

Erdan later blasted Margalit, writing on Twitter, “Margalit met with someone aiding efforts to boycott us, and together with him he [Margalit] attacks the Prime Minister and myself, and supports terrorists who murdered hundreds of Israelis.”

Erdan argued that Margalit’s decision to meet with PLO faction leader Jibril Rajoub was motivated in large part by his campaign for the upcoming Labor Party primaries.

“Everything is acceptable [in the Labor Party], even to identify with murderous terrorists against the Israeli government.”