Despite past criticisms, and as part of a plan to integrate haredim into academia, the Higher Education Council plans to open separate classes for women and men on campuses.

According to Wednesday's report in the Haaretz newspaper, the authors of the Higher Education Council program also recommend allowing non-haredi students to study separately.

Members of the Council believe that gender segregation should be expanded even for advanced degrees.

The Council does not hide the possibility that some students who are not haredi will be somewhat miffed, but according to members, the separation plan has many advantages, both academically and socially.

"This model greatly reduces the damage to equality caused by the establishment of separate academic frameworks for the haredi public, and prevents the creation of 'islands' of separation," the Higher Education Council wrote.

Today, it is possible for a student to integrate into gender-specific educational programs mainly in special campuses, outside of established institutions, in preparatory programs, and in several colleges within a main campus. In the past, university leaders criticized the desire to institute such separation in their institutions.