Scene of Jerusalem terror attack
Scene of Jerusalem terror attackMagen David Adom

The terrorist who on Friday murdered one and injured two on Jerusalem's light rail train told Israeli authorities of his motive in carrying out the attack.

According to Channel 2, 57-year-old Jamil Tamimi had been staying in a hospital for the mentally ill in Israel's north.

On Friday morning, he told the hostel's manager of his decision to leave. One of the managers called Tamimi's children, but they had cut off contact with their father several years earlier after he sexually abused one of his daughters, and they refused to become involved.

The report also said Tamimi arrived near Jerusalem's Old City on Friday afternoon, and called one of his sons to say he wanted to meet with him. After the conversation, he told his interrogators, he realized he had nothing more to lose.

Tamimi bought a knife in the Old City's Arab marketplace, got on the light rail train at Damascus gate, and immediately spotted an IDF soldier in uniform, holding his weapon.

At that point, he said, he decided to attack his victim Hannah Bladon, who was standing near the train door. Bladon, an exchange student from the UK and an only child, later died of her wounds.

"I attacked her so the soldier would shoot me," Tamimi told the interrogators.